We’re going to be trialling a new way players book on to our sessions starting June 2023. The booking platform we currently use costs around £500 a year; aside from reducing coats, we’ve some feedback from players about the current system being unreliable. This wont affect players who block-book – only players who register on a weekly basis.

Starting in June, anyone who wants to join in a session will need to have signed up to Spond, and preferably downloaded the Spond app. We appreciate there’s some additional burden in having to register and download this service, but once you’re registered you should find this an easier way to book on and pay for our sessions. (You can use Spond without the app, but their email/text message system is not as easy to book on to sessions). 

We’ve been using Spond for over two years now to manage the players that block-book. You will no longer be able to pay using PayPal, its card payments only, but there are benefits: 

  • Notifications for upcoming games will be automatically sent out a week in advance.
  • If you’re on the standby list, the app will generate a notification for you to book on if a place becomes available (in order of who joined the list first). 
  • You can use the app to change your availability for a game. The booking fee is less, only by a few pence but every little helps… 
  • There are group chat and private chat services within the app for easier communication with session organisers etc. 

The first bookings via Spond will be for week commencing Monday 5th June, so will be released Monday 29th May. In advance of this date, if you want to be able to receive notifications and book on, please create an Spond account, download the app and then follow this link to request membership to Community Kickabout:

If you’re unsure about using this new system or have problems joining the Community Kickabout group once you’re in, please email us.