Easy, affordable and friendly opportunity for anyone to get active.

Community Kickabout is a small-sided football session for Men (Over 30) and Women (no age limit) and is part of a fitness initiative organised by volunteers in partnership with Hemel Hempstead Town FC since 2020. In 2022, we received the Active Dacorum award from Dacorum Borough Council and we were nominated for an award in the catagory of FA Grassroots Project of the Year.

Initially supported by a Community Grant from Dacorum Borough Council, the growth of our initiative has since been supported by:

Our sessions take place at Hemel Hempstead Town FC, Vauxhall Road, on FIFA Pro standard all-weather artificial grass; our matches are an easy, affordable (£5) and friendly opportunity for anyone to get active. The emphasis on these sessions is having fun! If this initiative is to succeed, then participants need to enjoy our sessions; in turn we’ll hopefully see continued participation and you’ll see an improvement in fitness.

Community Kickabout in action at Vauxhall Road.
Photo by Dan Finill

There is compulsory use of the correct footwear as directed by Hemel FC for their new artificial surface – Football Boots with moulded plastic studs are preferred.  Please be aware that bladed boots of any description, metal studs, metal tipped studs and flat soled trainers are not permitted.

We’re pleased to be able to offer discounts to UK’s Armed Forces, Veterans, emergency services, NHS, social care sector and Dacorum Card holders. Holders of a Defence Discount Service, Blue Light Card and Dacorum Card are entitled to 15% off quarterly block bookings. Offer applies to quarterly block bookings (12 sessions) only, it is not applicable to single session bookings. Participation is subject to self assessment of health and compulsory use of correct kit; click here full terms of participation.

Defence Discount Service and Blue Light Card holders need to find Community Kickabout in their respective apps in order to gain the discount code; you may need to search local services to find Community Kickabout which is pinned on the map at Hemel Hempstead Town FC, Vauxhall Road. If you struggle to find it, please email us. Dacorum Card holders should email us to request a unique discount code.

Our sessions were initially aimed helping Over 30’s get active because cardiovascular disease in people aged between 30 and 74 in Dacorum is statistically significantly higher than the averages for England and Hertfordshire and around 50,000 residents aged 50 and above suffer from a long-term health problem or disability. Regular exercise has also been shown to improve your ability to regulate your immune system, which may be essential for avoiding the severe symptoms of COVID-19. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown also hampered a lot of attempts to keep fit; our sessions for people who either want to get fit or are returning to fitness. We’ve since extended our sessions to welcome Ladies (no age limit) in Ladies only games.

Adults should be participating in 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity (raised heartbeat, sweating e.g. brisk walking). It has been scientifically proven that being physically active can dramatically improve an individual’s physical health. It lowers the risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer and of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 50%. It also improves mental health, helping to lower the risk of depression and reduces cognitive decline. Taking part in sport and physical activity can also boost productivity. Physical activity and sports participation can develop a sense of shared purpose and contribute to community cohesion. Sport is successful in bringing people from different communities together and forging strong, new friendships and creating a sense of pride and belonging within their communities.