Terms and Rules

Organisation, Booking and the Match.

Booking and organisation:

  • Our hourly sessions run weekly, at 9pm on Monday’s at Hemel Hempstead Town FC, Vauxhall Road (except Bank Holiday Monday’s). The cost to participants is £5 (£4 TSC members); payments can be made by PayPal or debit/credit card at the point of completing the online booking form. Participants can block book 12 sessions and secure a place each week, or book weekly on a first come first served basis. Online registration and payment is required to secure a place, with places released on Tuesdays for the next week’s session.
  • There is compulsory use of the correct footwear as directed by Hemel FC for their new artificial surface – Football Boots with moulded plastic studs are preferred.  Please be aware that bladed boots of any description, metal studs, metal tipped studs and flat soled trainers are not permitted. Representatives of Hemel FC may be on hand for a boot check.
  • We use either a one-third cross section of the main pitch or the 6-a-side pitches in the “cage” adjacent to the main pitch, depending on numbers of participants. When using the main pitch, we can move the small-sided goals accordingly depending on the size of pitch we need to accommodate the number of players that week.
  • In booking a place and participating in our football sessions, you are acknowledging that your personal health and safety remains your own responsibility – please consider your current physical condition before participating in this or any physical exercise and seek medical advice if you’re unsure about your suitability to join in this type of activity. By participating in our sessions you agree to the terms of this health and safety policy: you’re participating at entirely your own risk and you have sole responsibility for any injury, illness or death that may occur or later arise as a result of playing football with us.
  • If you’re new to participating in physical exercise or returning to fitness after a lengthy absence, the NHS website offers some great advice about exercise, weight and eating well that may help your preparation: www.nhs.uk/live-well
  • There remains well publicised risks of catching and spreading Covid. Do not attend if you have tested positive for coronavirus or have been directed to isolate.
  • Due to the prospect of some unavoidable close contact with other participants, we encourage participants to use lateral flow Covid testing ahead of attending our sessions, if participants are eligible to take the tests. Details on obtaining/taking the tests: www.gov.uk/find-covid-19-lateral-flow-test-site
  • We are following FA guidance on the return to football during the pandemic, what measures should be considered and how to minimise risks.
  • Cancellations: if you become unavailable for a session, please email info@communitykickabout.org – cancellations up to three days in advance of the session will be issued a full refund. If you cancel within 48 hours of the session, you will only receive a refund if we are able to fill the vacant place. If the TSC and/or the venue (Hemel FC) cancel the session you will be notified by email and issued a full refund. For participants who have block bookings, if you give over 48 hours notice in advance of the session then you will be entitled to book a replacement session at the end of your block booking period.

The match:

  • Teams are arranged randomly, if there’s an odd number of players then one team will have an advantage… depending on how the game progresses, if it becomes too one sided we’ll switch the advantage halfway through.
  • Likewise, if one team is hammering the other because of an advantage of fitness/ability, we’ll just rearrange the teams and ensure the session is suitable and fun for everyone.
  • Freshly laundered bibs will he handed out to the teams.
  • Whilst competitive football is currently permitted, social distancing should be maintained before and after the session and during breaks in play.
  • We don’t tend to follow the traditional rules of association football… goal kicks for restarts after a goal, kick-ins instead of throw-ins, and regardless of the score (if anyone is actually keeping score) we always end on next goal wins!
  • Please keep within the spirit of what we’re trying to achieve – our kickabouts are a great opportunity for fresh air, exercise, being social and having fun. You’re impressing no-one if you’re just twatting the ball goalwards at every opportunity, hard tackles aren’t welcome, no need to criticise anyone’s technique… play nicely! These aren’t “must win” games, everyone on both sides should be able to enjoy the game. Welcome everyone; if someone isn’t as experienced as you, make sure they are made to feel involved.
  • We follow the FA’s guidance on concussion – anyone who suffers a head injury may be removed from play. The FA states: “At all levels in football, if a player is suspected of having a concussion, they must be immediately removed from the pitch. IF IN DOUBT, SIT THEM OUT”. If you’re removed from play or asked to leave the pitch, please do so pending further assessment/consideration by an organiser.
  • It hopefully goes without saying (although we’ll say it anyway!) that taking our games too seriously and/or being aggressive or discriminatory towards other participants or the organisers will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse the participation of anyone who threatens the enjoyment or effectiveness of our sessions.
  • If you kick the ball out of the playing area, you go and get it! And be quick about it… we’ve extra balls to hand and play will carry on without you.
  • You’ll most likely you’ll be grateful of an occasional rest anyway, but make sure you do your fair share of goalkeeping duties, be mindful about leaving the same player between the sticks for ages, we all want to get value for our participation fee.

Post Match:

  • Hemel FC tend to turn the floodlights off at 10pm sharp, so tread carefully as you make your way off the pitch!
  • Maintaining suitable social distancing, please place your bibs in our laundry bag.
  • Feedback: Help us grow and improve with your feedback, that we can feature on our website! Please send your feedback to info@communitykickabout.org or tag @ckickabout on your Twitter/Instagram posts. If you use a fitness tracking app, please consider sharing the results of your Kickabout sessions with us.