We’re making a small change to the cost of participating in Community Kickabout, starting from our 7th November 2022 session. We pay to use the services of an online booking platform for players to register for our weekly games and we also incur charges on every transaction… we’re on track to pay out £1,200 annually, which are funds that could be put to much better use supporting the growth and future of our initiative. In an attempt to recoup some of the costs, we’re going to add the transaction fees to the cost of booking on to our sessions. We’re hopeful that the minor increase on costs wont be a burden on our players – but we will of course review this to make sure people aren’t discouraged from joining in due to the raise.

  • Men’s session: £5 plus 45p transaction fee
  • Men’s block booking: £60 plus £2.05 transaction fee
  • Ladies session: £3 plus 38p transaction fee
  • Ladies block booking: £36 plus £1.45 transaction fee

The transaction fees will be automatically added when you select a game on the booking form.