We’ve joined Just Play, so you can now find our sessions and register an interest in joining in via the FA website – The FA Snickers Just Play gives the casual footballer a chance to just turn up to a venue and play football.

Just Play is recreational football at its best – it’s about turning up for an hour of exercise and a bit of fun. It’s football for those who can’t or don’t want to commit to an eight-month long season of matches and training.

FA Snickers Just Play is purely for adults, for men, for women, for those who think they’re talented and for those who think they aren’t. It’s also for those with a disability or for 16–25s or women-only or even veterans; there’s a session for you, whatever your age or ability.

There are Just Play sessions up and down the country, with 400 centres running since the programme launched in 2011. Sessions or ‘kickabouts’ are run on a weekly basis over 32 weeks of the year by a Level 1 coach.

Don’t leave your love of football back in the day. Contact your local organiser or head over to our Just Play hub and use the search box to locate your nearest kickabout, turn up and Just Play!