Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s Community Kickabout. This week’s session was well competed by 36 players in total across three pitches. Booking is now live for next Monday – this will be the 50th session we’ve organised since we first kicked-off in October 2020, thank you all for participating and making the initiative a success. Booking is now live for next week’s session. 

We are currently running three games simultaneously, on the two pitches in the “cage” and one section of the main Vauxhall Road pitch (usually the bottom section nearest the clubhouse) – all have the same 5G surface. We will rotate allocations as best as we can so you have opportunities to play on both pitches. There is a team sheet pinned to the noticeboard just inside the main entrance to the football ground and our organisers have teamsheets too, so please arrive as early as possible to check which pitch/team you’re on so we can get the games kicked-off quickly. 

Please click here to access our booking page.



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Action from a recent session.
Performance stats from one of our participants.