Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s “Christmas Kickabout”. For our last session of 2021, our participants raised £230 for Hertfordshire Mind Network, which we’ll round up to £250. Our two games (one 5-a-side and one 6-a-side) were well contested, a great effort all round ahead of taking a break for a few weeks over the festive period. As usual, thank you to the players who helped us keep it competitive when we needed to swap a few players around to even things up. We return to action on Monday 10th January 2022 and booking is now live.

We might consider running a session on Bank Holiday Monday 3rd January 2022 and making an early start of attacking that festive plump…  this is depending on the football clubs willingness to open the facility and enough of us being able to play – if there is a possibility we can run a game then we’ll be in touch with our regular participants via the Spond app (which we used to manage block booked participants) in the days leading up to that date. 

Thank you all for participating and supporting this initiative throughout 2021, we’ve had a fantastic response every week since we relaunched in March after lockdown restrictions preventing our games going ahead. Hopefully we’ll continue to grow in 2022. Stay safe over Christmas and New Year, enjoy the festivities and hopefully see you all in January. 

Please note, our sessions have now moved to the pitches in the “cage” at the top of the Vauxhall Road car park. This is the same 5G surface as the main pitch (both pitches were laid at the same time), but are slightly smaller than we’ve more recently used – the move allows us to use two pitches, growing the sessions and accommodating more players (2 x 6-a-side games). Depending on demand and availablity, a return to the (bigger) main pitch will be considered on a week to week basis depending on interest and availability.

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