We’ve two sets of discounts to announce! As we’ve returned to our Monday night football sessions successfully from Lockdown, we’re keen for the initiative to grow – in order to encourage people to get active with us we’re offering half-price participation to newcomers for our next session only (Monday 12th April 2021) and we’re pleased to be able to offer discounts on block bookings to UK’s Armed Forces, Veterans, emergency services, NHS, social care sector and Dacorum Card holders.

In order for newcomers to get a 50% discount next week, you need to have not participated before and just email to request a unique code to apply on our booking page.

Holders of a Defence Discount Service, Blue Light Card and Dacorum Card are entitled to 15% off quarterly block bookings. Offer applies to quarterly block bookings (12 sessions) only, it is not applicable to single session bookings. Participation is subject to self assessment of health and compulsory use of correct kit; click here full terms of participation.

Defence Discount Service and Blue Light Card holders need to find Community Kickabout in their respective apps in order to gain the discount code; you may need to search local services to find Community Kickabout which is pinned on the map at Hemel Hempstead Town FC, Vauxhall Road. If you struggle to find it, please email us. Dacorum Card holders should email us to request a unique discount code.