In October 2022, two years on since we launched Community Kickabout, we conducted our second annual feedback request for our most regular participants. This was with the aim of us being able to ensure our sessions are achieving our objectives and to identify areas for improvement. We’re grateful for the honest feedback and very happy to report that a lot of positivity was fed back to us, some of which we’ve featured below.

Some questions were raised about block bookings, extra weekly sessions on other days and arranging 11-a-side games. We can respond to them as follows:

  • More opportunities to block-book 8pm men’s sessions: We’re a bit restricted with our 8pm men’s session as there are currently no other pitches available at Vauxhall Road at that time slot and we already have 9 players block-booked. 9 block booked players is more than we’d prefer, as it reduces opportunities for either new or casual players to get involved. The plan was to only allow 6 block bookings for 8pm, but over time some of the 9pm block-booked players have had to switch to 8pm due to personal commitments/availability. If any of the sections of the main pitch become available in the future, we can consider adding more pitches to the 8pm time slot.
  • Provide games on other days (men and ladies): We currently can’t commit to other days because our organisers wouldn’t be available. We’re keen for new people to get involved running sessions and if anyone is willing to commit to managing games on other days, please get in touch and we’ll discuss what’s involved. One of our aims in 2023 is to create a new “committee” of match organisers so our sessions can hopefully improve and grow, but this will obviously depending on people’s willingness to get involved. Email us if you’re interested in some way helping out.
  • Organise occasional 11-a-side games on the main pitch: The only availability for a full 90 minute 11-a-side game would be on Friday nights, after 7pm. Hemel FC are offering use of the pitch, changing rooms but at a cost that is a bit pricey even if you broke the cost down between two squads of 18. We actually have an 11-a-side game scheduled on Friday 18th November, between a team made up from some of our block-booked players and a Swiss side that are touring over here, so it can be done… if anyone would be keen to play in future 11-a-side games either between ourselves or in Friendlies against other sides then let us know.

More Feedback:

The online booking system is easy

Definitely: 85%; Mostly: 15%

The facilities and pitch are suitable

Definitely: 85%; Mostly: 15%

Bibs, balls and medical kit are clean and well stocked

Definitely: 95%; Mostly: 5%

The sessions take my mind off other things

Definitely: 72%; Mostly: 26%; Not Really: 2%

The sessions give me a sense of achievement

Definitely: 58%; Mostly: 42%

I’m doing something I enjoy

Definitely: 100%

After playing regularly, I take less time to recover from the sessions

Definitely: 52%; Mostly: 46%; Not Really: 2%

We recently added Ladies only games to our weekly sessions and currently run four games of Football in total every Monday night; getting active and social with us is easy and affordable, newcomers are very welcome to join in. Click here for more information about our initiative.